Discover and Book-On-Demand Beauty Services.

Hair Inferno allows clients to explore the latest beauty trends, source top beauty professionals and discover products to maintain desired looks all within the app. Hair Inferno connects clients to beauty professionals and stylists. Clients can find and book the best beauty professionals for their needs, write and browse reviews, and compare ratings.

Create Connections.

The roots of a client-stylist relationship run deep. Just as important is cultivating relationships with other beauty industry partners. With Hair Inferno, it’s easy to do both. Clients book appointments and communicate with you through the app freeing up your time to focus on your next appointment.

Payments Made Easy.

Instant payments made through the Hair Inferno app. Clients can make payments directly through the app, allowing beauty industry professionals to monitor all appointments from one place and easily track revenue.

Get the App.

Hair Inferno is the only app that provides beauty inspiration, appointment setting, secure payment, and product options all in one place. Download Hair Inferno now.

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